Kevin Moroney: CEO and President

Kevin Moroney began his career in 1980 as a pharmaceutical Sales Representative with The Upjohn Company. After various sales assignments, Kevin moved into the worldwide marketing headquarters in Kalamazoo Michigan. Over the next 4 years, Kevin served as Communication Specialist for over 15 products. He was responsible for conceptualizing, writing, implementing, and budgeting of the marketing plans in product areas such as CNS/Psychiatry, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-infectives, Dermatology, Cardiovascular, Cancer, and others. Kevin was also responsible for the US launch and tactical plan for Rogaine, the first Rx product promoted in the US with Direct-to-Consumer advertising. Rogaine is considered the first “cosmeceutical” among Dermatologists. Kevin was also responsible for the success of Xanax and Halcion.

Kevin also served in Product Management with The Upjohn Company in various worldwide assignments, working with Sankyo in Japan and Hoechst Roussel in France and Germany. In 1990, he was Worldwide Director of Advertising and Promotion responsible for managing US and international advertising agencies as well as international launch campaigns and communication strategies.

After 10 years at The Upjohn Company, Kevin moved on to William Douglas McAdams in New York City and served as Vice President Account Supervisor for Zantac (Glaxo). Zantac was the first product in the US to reach one billion a year in $ sales.

After many years of managing the client-agency relationship, both as a client and from the agency side, Kevin saw that many clients were less than satisfied with their agency usually due to poor customer service. Because of the agency retainer fee, agencies knew their profits were protected even if they made mistakes or when placing lower ranked personnel on the account. If an agency made a mistake, the client paid. Agencies were not accountable until contract renewal.

In launching Moroney & Gill, Inc. in 1991, Kevin removed the typical retainer-fee based system and replaced it with a simple and more accountable flat-fee system called “accountabillingTM”.

Moroney & Gill, Inc. remains the first and only “No Fee” healthcare advertising and consultancy agency.

Kevin Moroney is CEO and President. He can be reached at 239 410 4981.