Investment Research

Delphin Investments' EconomistaTM

Economista is a savvy and insightful look at the global economy, financial markets, the political scene and the investment environment. Dr. Marci Rossell combines her experience at CNBC, the Federal Reserve, and as a Wall Street economist to bring you a fresh perspective on the latest events.

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Risk Appetite Scale (RAS)

Delphin Investments' proprietary index measures investors' appetite for risk. Using select indicators of investor sentiment and macroeconomic gages - we shift factor weights as the environment changes - our Risk Appetite Scale adds flexibility and effectiveness to the investment process.

  • Selected indicators of financial stress are considered when judging the market's risk appetite
  • The model's factor weights are adjusted based on the macro environment and investors' appetite for risk shifts
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Investment Strategies and Research

Our comprehensive monthly analysis of the investment environment. Delphin's Investment Strategies and Research help navigate volatile financial markets and the global economy, guiding our decisions throughout the investment process.

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