Why Delphin Investments


  • Our proprietary, disciplined strategies are uncorrelated or negatively correlated to broad global asset classes
  • Our macroeconomic overlay brings judgement to the process, complementing our quantitative models
  • We produce Alpha from Beta-using highly liquid investments-with bets on asset classes and systematic risk factors


  • Running a $1 billion health care plan of endowment and pension assets
  • Leading tactical asset allocation and macro research
  • Creating quantitative equity strategies with both buy-side and sell-side firms
  • Designing investment products and managing risk at a major investment management firm


  • Customized portfolio construction designed to meet your organization's needs
  • We partner with clients to build upon their existing investment program, integrating risk management throughout the process


Guy-Max Delphin formed Delphin Investments (DI) in December 2008 after more than a dozen years of investment experience with both the buy- and sell-side of Wall Street. DI has been a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Connecticut since March 2009, and in January 2009 launched its first strategy, the GTAA, an ideal product for small to mid-sized institutions looking for a global, multi-asset class product. DI launched its U.S. Small-Cap Stock product in December 2010 and its Equity Market Neutral product in November 2011.

Who We Are

Investment Process

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